2021 Operating Grant Competition Results

The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, is thrilled to announce the results of the 2021 Operating Grant Competition.

This funding supports CHRIM Principal Investigators involved in child health research-related studies. Today’s funding announcement totals over $400,000 that will be used to support highly skilled researchers in a variety of health areas that are seeking to improve outcomes for children in Manitoba and beyond.

“Through the generous contributions from our donor community, the Foundation is able to support the tremendous and imperative work being done at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute that will make an impact on the health of children across Manitoba today and future generations to come”

Stefano Grande, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

2021 Operating Grant Recipients

Dr. Vernon Dolinsky

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, University of Manitoba

Project: The role of SIRT3 deficiency in the development of gestational diabetes ($49,867.16 )


Dr. Joseph (Joe) Gordon

Associate Professor, Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, University of Manitoba

Project: Molecular regulation of insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle: The role of altered mitochondrial quality control ($50,000.00)


Dr. Richard Keijzer

Pediatric Surgeon-Scientist, Professor, Departments of Surgery, Pediatrics & Child Health and Physiology & Pathophysiology, University of Manitoba

Project: Precision prenatal microRNA therapy with nanoparticles – a proof of concept study ($49,579.00)


Dr. Mojgan Rastegar

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba

Project: Characterizing Novel RTT-Associated Target Genes using Clinically Relevant Model Systems ($50,000.00)



Dr. Peter Thompson

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology & Pathophysiology, University of Manitoba

Project: Targeting senescent human beta cells as a novel therapy for Type 1 Diabetes ($41,596.00)



Dr. Deepak Louis

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba

Project: Evaluating the impact of preterm birth on parents across Canada: A mixed-method research study (EIPOP Study) ($42,150.00)


Dr. Kristin Reynolds

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba

Project: The Development and Pilot Evaluation of a Patient-Informed Treatment for Trauma-Related Symptoms in Perinatal People with Interpersonal Trauma Histories ($49,955.75)


Dr. Leslie Roos

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba

Project: SPYKids: The Development and Evaluation of Single-Session Psychotherapy for Young Kids through Patient Engagement Techniques ($50,000.00)



Dr. Elizabeth Sellers

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics & Child Health, University of Manitoba

Project: Renal Disease in Childhood Onset type 2 Diabetes ($31,200.74)



Additionally, each year the Institute welcomes undergraduate students to join a research lab during the summer months as it relates to their field of study, and with a CHRIM scientist providing supervision and mentorship. This year, CHRIM welcomed 40 summer students to CHRIM, 13 from the CHRIM Summer Studentship Grants Competition, and an additional 27 students who joined with external funding.

“The summer studentship program continues to grow with this year being the highest number of undergraduate students to join us to date, says Dr. Terry Klassen, CEO and Scientific Director, CHRIM. “Our goal in supporting students on their path in health studies is to fuel their passion that leads to an impactful career in health research”.

2021 Summer Studentship Recipients

All Studentships are valued at $6,000.00

Divleen Mangat

Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Halayko

Mitchell Wilson

Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Pascoe

Sydney Puhach

Supervisor: Dr. Leslie Roos

Evan Abram

Supervisor: Dr. Vern Dolinsky

Lucas Mosienko

Supervisor: Dr. Allison Dart

Danilo Shevkoplyas

Supervisor: Dr. Mojgan Rastegar

Jessica McBride

Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Wigle

Hannah Roslyn Steiman de Visser

Supervisor: Dr. Jon McGavock

Megan Pinette

Supervisor: Dr. Terry Klassen


Supervisor: Dr. Britt Drögemöller

Chloe Janse van Rensburg

Supervisor: Dr. Kristy Wittmeier

Andrei Caymo

Supervisor: Dr. Joe Gordon

Deanne Miao

Supervisor: Dr. Barb Triggs-Raine