Join Our Team

There are several ways you can join our child health research team:

Become a member

Member benefits include unique collaboration opportunities and community networking; training/mentorship opportunities; peer review research programs; access to funding opportunities; access to facilities and resources including specialized equipment and lab space, clinical exam rooms, meeting and conference rooms, audiovisual resources, information technology systems, communications/media assistance, and administrative support; public outreach and education opportunities; and more.

Membership is open to individuals with academic appointments at a Manitoba university and who have an interest in child health research. Members are expected to have a commitment to child health research and play an active role in CHRIM activities, events, and communications.

Further details regarding membership responsibilities, privileges, application and annual renewal are outlined in the CHRIM Membership Policy and Procedure Manual.

Apply to be a CHRIM member: Membership application

Become a trainee

At CHRIM, we recognize the vital importance of fostering the career development and mentorship of the next generation of child health researchers. The institute is affiliated with the University of Manitoba, where many of our trainees are registered as students. CHRIM offers support and training opportunities to students at all levels, and we welcome those interested to explore the areas of research that correspond with their area of study and contact the member directly for more details on student opportunities.

We also offer a resident research committee to support those completing their residency training research programs. The committee provides guidance, education, support and continued feedback throughout training. The committee is made up of epidemiologists, clinicians, and residents committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality of education and support. For more information, please contact the resident research committee coordinator.

Current opportunities

We offer a variety of positions at the Institute. Check for available positions here.

Get involved

If you are interested in contributing to child health research by making a monetary donation or volunteering your time, please visit the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba website for more details.