COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

As we continue to monitor on-site staff and capacity limits within the institute, we know that the upcoming Fall Term will have more research teams and staff preparing for a return to in-person work schedules.

As a health research institute, maintaining a safe environment for all individuals who work at and visit CHRIM is paramount during this time, so the important research being done can continue while keeping all staff and visitors as safe as possible.

For this reason, CHRIM will require faculty, trainees, visitors and staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes staff within the Research Support Unit, CHRIM administration, and Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

As many CHRIM researchers and teams are affiliated with the University of Manitoba, this decision aligns with the campus vaccination requirement to ensure individuals who have workstations at both the university and CHRIM are following the same protocol.

Research participants who visit CHRIM will be exempt from this decision. All research participants regardless of vaccination status are required to wear a mask while on-site.

We recognize there may be individuals who are not able to get the COVID-19 vaccine for medical reasons. We are working through these scenarios to provide more clarity for those impacted.