11 CHRIM Investigators Receive NSERC Funding

More than 1.7 million dollars in funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research of Canada is going towards multiple CHRIM researchers who will use that funding to better the health of children everywhere. Of those who received the 5-year funding, seven CHRIM researchers were also awarded Discovery Launch Supplements, which aim to help early career researchers launch their careers and bring new voices and insights to their fields.

See the full list of CHRIM researchers who received funding and their projects here.

CHRIM Investigator, Dr. Ayesha Saleem received funding for her project titled “Effect of exercise on skeletal muscle-derived extracellular vesicles and regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis” which will look more closely at trying to improve metabolism by using extracellular vesicles as a delivery aide to mimic the effects of exercise.  

“We know exercise is good for us, but still don’t know all the mechanisms by which it induces whole body positive adaptations.”

Dr. Ayesha Saleem, CHRIM Investigator and University of Manitoba Associate Professor

Dr. Saleem hopes these findings could potentially improve the health of people with conditions like diabetes or obesity.

NameProject titleAmount
Heather ArmstrongDefining the structural and functional properties of select agricultural fibers underlying their immunomodulatory actions$40,500
Robert BeattiePrinciples of Tissue-wide and Cell-Autonomous Gene Function in Neocortex Formation$49,500
Britt DrögemöllerGenomic investigations of the auditory system$12,500
Jean-Eric GhiaImpact of chromogranin-A on gut smooth muscle contraction$33,000
Depeng JiangAdvancing Statistical Models for Multilevel Research$18,000
Meaghan JonesEpigenetic regulation of dioxin response elements during mammalian development$43,000
Sam K. P. KungDelineating novel functions of Semaphorin 3E in regulating natural killer cell biology$32,000
Ayesha SaleemEffect of exercise on skeletal muscle-derived extracellular vesicles and regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis$43,500
Deanna SanterDefining the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating type III interferon responses$40,500
Tabrez SiddiquiDiscovering the Fundamental Synaptic Principles of Brain Organization and Function$56,000
Galen WrightGenomics of DNA repair in the brain$40,500