Tannis Erickson: Executive Director
Dr. Brandy Wicklow: Acting Medical Director
Rachel Keijzer: Program Manager
Lorraine Hernaez: Administrative Coordinator

Kathy Chmelnytzki: Finance Assistant
Terry Sawicz-Hanesiak: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Coordinator
Jeannine Shellenberg, RN: Research Coordinator
Lise Bourier, RN: Research Coordinator
Muhammad Islam, RN: Research Coordinator
Sarita Jha: Research Coordinator
Adriana Trajtman: Research Coordinator
Sylvia Froese: Research Assistant
Soumya Alias: Research Assistant
Jessika Aeillo: Research Assistant
Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong: Research Assistant
Michael Foth: Sonography Technician
Barb Fletcher, RN: Research Nurse
Val DeBooy, RN: Research Nurse
Debbie Cote, RN: IMPACT Program Coordinator
Kristal Sneesby RN: Back Up IMPACT Program Coordinator
Eileen Bouw, RN: Research nurse and CKid and CHILDNeph Coordinator

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