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2014 WHO Growth Charts for Canada

In 2014, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and their Collaborative Committee on national growth charts released the revised 2014 WHO Growth Charts for Canada. Both Set 1 and Set 2 were intended to address concerns raised by Canadian chart users. Weight-for-age reference curves were extended to ages 10–19 years based on re-analysis by the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group (CPEG) of the ‘core data’ from the US National Center for Health Statistics, collected by NCHS from 1963–1975 and used by the WHO to develop their 2007 reference curves. In the Set 2 charts, granularity was added in the normal range (−2 to +2 SD) through restoration of the 7 centiles familiar to long-time CDC Growth Chart users, important in the application of conventional diagnostic criteria for failure to thrive and hypertension. Potentially misleading extreme centiles were also dropped or de-emphasized, consistent with the published CPEG re-analysis.

We have therefore created a number of on-line plotting tools to prepare hi-resolution JPEG images for publication or presentation of growth trajectories with these new charts. For optimal viewing, you may wish to widen the browser window so that you can see each data entry line separately, with two adjacent plots. An HTML5-compliant browser is required to use this plotter, which takes advantage of the HTLM5 canvas graphics. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are recommended.

For users looking for our growth chart applications, they are now being hosted by the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group / Groupe Canadien d’Endocrinologie Pédiatrique (CPEG / GCEP).

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