We Support Healthcare Workers

All Manitobans benefit from the commitment and care our health-care workers provide at some point in their lifetime, whether that be for the birth of a new baby, treatment for an ongoing health condition, or emergency care.  The treatment our front-line healthcare workers have continued to provide for regular hospital visits in addition to the efforts in response to Covid-19 is a testament to the tireless dedication they have for each patient.

We also know the treatment plans administered for various medical needs are only as good as the current knowledge and evidence available.

This is why research is so fundamentally important, not just in a time of crisis, but ongoing, to learn more about the many health conditions that we are challenged with every day.

Dr. Terry Klassen, CHRIM CEO & Scientific Director

For these reasons, our research community is standing together, while being physically apart, to show our gratitude and support for ALL our health care hero’s who are helping support a healthier community today and for future generations to come.

Here are some pictures of our Researchers, Trainees, Support Staff and Administrative team, showing support for the health care workers across our local communities and beyond.

Stand with us and post a picture on social media with one of our poster options and tag #StopTheSpread and #CHRIM.

If you would like to provide additional support for research, please visit the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba to learn more!