Science Experiments for Kids

As many of us are at home social distancing right now, our daily routines have been turned upside down. For some, this means working from home or having more free time for a new hobby, but for parents and caregivers, daily life has changed drastically for both you and your children. Not only are you trying to balance changes within your work and social schedule, you’re also trying to come up with ways to keep your kids entertained. 

We know it can be challenging to find activities for your kids to do when they’re not at school for an extended period of time, especially when trying to adjust to a new normal. Just because they’re physically out of the classroom, it doesn’t mean they can’t be learning! 

If your child is interested in science (or even if they just want to see something cool), there are lots of really fun and easy science experiments you can do at home with supplies you might already have in your cupboard or fridge.

Check out Carson making a volcano from home! This video was submitted by Jing Venevongsa, from Dr. Allan Becker’s lab.

We’ve put together some instructions for a few easy science experiments you can do with your kids (or on your own) to stay entertained. We’ll be adding more experiments as the days go on, so keep coming back for more!

Science Experiments:

Click on the links below to download the instructions for each experiment.