CPMN Overview

The Canadian Prairie Metabolic Network (CPMN) is a recently funded Genomics Applied Partnership Program project supported by Genome Canada and Genome Prairie to explore an ‘Omics First’ approach for diagnosing metabolic diseases in the Prairies. The CPMN is one of several Rare Diseases projects that fall within the All For One Framework (A Precision Health Strategy for Canada: Think big, start small, learn fast) Genome Canada. The CPMN will be a collaborative approach between the clinical metabolic centres in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta with the first 18 months focused on the Manitoba site.

The CPMN is a unique, clinical and laboratory combined approach to diagnosing, treating, and following-up on patients strongly suspected of having Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM).

The purpose of this project is to evaluate whether doing “’Omics First” next generation sequencing (NGS) first compared to following traditional metabolic and molecular testing can facilitate a more rapid diagnosis of an IEM and faster access to appropriate care. Currently, a non-urgent patient suspected of having an IEM may routinely wait 1-2 years to see a metabolic geneticist, an additional 3-4 months to get approval for NGS, and an additional 4-6 months to obtain results and counseling.

The CPMN will use an “’OMICS First” approach which can take advantage of virtual care formats at CPMN member sites and, where possible, work remotely with primary care providers (family doctors and nurse practitioners), medical specialists and subspecialists as well as with medical geneticist colleagues to evaluate patients within 2 weeks of referral via Teleconference (or sooner based on clinical urgency). “OMICS results would be reviewed in a similar manner, which could avoid some patients needing to travel repeatedly to a referral centre.

Strategies and resources will be provided from the CPMN to care providers and any additional consultations or counseling required will be facilitated.

For further information please contact Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg, Academic Lead of the CPMN at cpmn@umanitoba.ca.

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    Study Contacts:

    • Angela Krutish, Project Manager

    • James Elmore, Research Nurse

    • Erika Bloomfield, Administrative Assistant

    Email: cpmn@umanitoba.ca

    Ph: 204-789-3877 Fax: 204-789-3907

    You can also download the form and email it to cpmn@umanitoba.ca.

    Land Acknowledgement

    The University of Manitoba campuses are located on original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. We respect the Treaties that were made on these territories, we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and we dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.