What does research mean to you?

In the lead-up to launching our new website, we reached out to the community – principal investigators, trainees, and management – to find out what research means to them, in one or a few words. This month we’re sharing the round up of all the responses we received for an inspiring look at why we…

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Understanding concussions in children

This week is Brain Awareness Week across the country, and we’re taking the opportunity to share some of the important work happening in this area right here at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM). One area of brain health that our researchers are working on is concussion prevention and treatment in children. Dr.…

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Bright Coaching

Supporting families of preschoolers with suspected developmental delays March 12-18 is Brain Awareness Week, and here at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, we have many researchers, projects, and partners focused on all different areas of brain health. Brain Awareness Week is an opportunity for us to highlight some of the important work being…

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