Dental Assistants Recognition Week

March 5-11 is Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW). Dental assistants are educated healthcare professionals and vital members of the oral health team. Dentists rely on the knowledge and expertise of dental assistants, given their broad dental education, up-to-date understanding of oral health trends through continuing education, and unique skills acquired through collaboration, experience, and research.

For 2023, the theme of DARW is “The ♥ of Dental Offices Through Education, Commitment, & Safety” to reflect the importance of dental assistant’s role and responsibilities in health care. 

Here at CHRIM, we would like to recognize the three dental assistants working with Healthy Smile Happy Child and Early Childhood Oral Health!

Jaehee Jin is an Oral Health Promoter with two research projects, “Scaling-Up the Healthy Smile Happy Child Initiative” and “Working together to implement novel, culturally informed early childhood oral health interventions for young First Nations and Metis children in Manitoba“. She works with various community groups and community clinics sharing information about taking care of young children’s teeth.

Both Silvana Fux and Larisa Dinga are research assistants who work with community clinics and with the research projects, Randomized Clinical Trial of Silver Diamine Fluoride, Role of Taste Signaling & Oral Microbiome.

The three dental assistants contribute greatly to the Healthy Smile Happy Child’s goal of engaging communities in Early Childhood Caries prevention strategies and promotion of early childhood oral health.

About Healthy Smile Happy Child

Healthy Smile Happy Child is a community outreach initiative focused on promoting early childhood oral health and early childhood caries prevention strategies across Manitoba, focusing on children under six and their families.

Learn more about the oral health research team here.