Tiina Kauppinen


  • Accepting Students: Yes


Current Positions

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Manitoba
Principal Investigator, Neuroscience Research Program, Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine, Health Sciences Centre
Researcher, Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba


Docent (Neuroinflammation), University of Kuopio, A.I.V. Institute
PhD (Molecular Brain Research), University of Kuopio
MSc (Biotechnology), University of Kuopio
(Note that University of Kuopio is currently known as University of Eastern Finland)

Research Focus

We study how brain resident immune cells, microglia, influence brain function upon health and disease, during development and degeneration. We have shown that microglia responses can lead to impaired cognitive functions. Our research aims to identify the mechanisms regulating microglial responses in order to target them in therapeutic approaches.

Research Interests

- Impact of gestational diabetes exposure to offspring brain
- Microglial role in ischemic brain insult
- Signaling pathways regulating microglial responses