Shyamala Dakshinamurti


  • Accepting Students: Yes
  • Research Category: Childhood Diseases


Current Positions

Professor, Dept of Pediatrics & Child Health, and Dept of Physiology and Pathophysiology
Director of Research, Neonatology Fellowship Program
Investigator, Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba


MSc (Physiology), University of Manitoba
Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine Fellowship, University of Manitoba
Pediatrics Residency, University of Chicago
MD, University of Manitoba

Research Focus

We are studying circulatory transition - the process of a baby coming off mom's life support system, and getting oxygen from inhaled air. Lung blood vessels have to dilate rapidly, in response to oxygen. In babies who don't get enough oxygen during birth, this complex transition can go very wrong.

Research Interests

- Smooth muscle cell biology, cell signaling and pharmacology
- Pulmonary circulation hemodynamics