Sabine Hombach-Klonisch


  • Accepting Students: Yes
  • Research Category: Brain, Behavior and Development


Current Positions

Professor & Head, Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, Department of Pathology


MD, Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany
PhD, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Habilitation, Martin-Luther University, Halle, Germany

Research Focus

Functions of the stem cell protein and chromatin remodeling protein HMGA2 in growth and development.

Research Interests

The following two research interests pertain to child health:
1.) I investigate the cellular functions of the pregnancy hormone relaxin and relaxin-like peptides and their
G-protein-coupled receptors, among them RXFP1, in cell migration and anti-apoptosis. We have recently
discovered a novel ligand for the relaxin receptor RXFP1, the C1q/TNF-related peptide 8 (CTRP8).
CTRP8 belongs to the family of adipokines and its function in humans is not understood.
2.) I study the role of the stem cell protein HMGA2 in growth and differentiation and the maintenance of
genome integrity. My current research in collaboration with clinical geneticists investigates HMGA2
mutations that occur in children with Silver-Russel-Syndrome. We study the contribution of patient
HMGA2 mutations in cell growth and morphology. In collaboration with CHRIM member Dr. Triggs-Raine
we have established a transgenic mouse model with a patient 's point mutation in the Hmga2 gene to
study the function of HMGA2 in growth and viscerocranial and facial dysmorphologies.