Marc Del Bigio

MD PhD FRCPC(Neuropathology)

  • Accepting Students: No
  • Research Category: Brain, Behaviour, and Development


Current Positions

Professor - Department of Pathology, University of Manitoba
Neuropathologist - Shared Health Manitoba / Diagnostic Services Manitoba


MD (Manitoba) 1982
PhD (Manitoba) 1987
postdoc (Saskatchewan) 1989
Neuropathology residency (Toronto) with FRCPC 1993
postdoc (Paris) 1994

Research Focus

Pediatric brain disease / damage in context of premature birth, head trauma. Hydrocephalus. Brain in rare genetic disorders.

Research Interests

- Hydrocephalus - brain damage and shunt failure
- Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (epigenetic and neuronal changes)
- Autism/Rett
- Brain trauma