Marc Del Bigio

MD PhD FRCPC(Neuropathology)

  • Accepting Students: No
  • Research Category: Brain, Behaviour, and Development


Current Positions

Professor - Department of Pathology, University of Manitoba
Cross appointment - Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Sciences
Neuropathologist - Shared Health Manitoba / Diagnostic Services Manitoba


MD (Manitoba) 1982
PhD (Manitoba) 1987
postdoc (Saskatchewan) 1989
Neuropathology residency (Toronto) with FRCPC 1993
postdoc (Paris) 1994

Research Focus

Understanding the pathogenesis of brain disease, particularly those affecting children, using animal models and human tissue from autopsies.

Research Interests

- Hydrocephalus - brain damage and shunt failure
- Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (epigenetic and neuronal changes)
- Autism/Rett
- Brain trauma