CHRD Photo Gallery

Attending CHRD will quench your thirst for knowledge in science, innovation and new collaboration opportunities! The 15th Annual Child Health Research Days conference took place on October 22 – 24, 2019 at the beautiful RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB. Nearly 150 attendees listened to presentations from local, national, and international speakers, as far away as Bristol, UK and one attendee who travelled all the way from Brazil to participate! If you didn’t have a chance to hear all the presentations, you can still find speaker bios in our event program.

One of the highlights of CHRD is the trainee development session, where emerging scientists from many health disciplines have the opportunity to share their research and be recognized for their outstanding scientific accomplishments. Thanks to our research community, the trainee development session has seen tremendous growth over the past 15 years. This year was our most successful yet, with more than 80 posters showcasing the amazing research happening right here in Manitoba!

We had 19 members of our Abstract Adjudication Committee carefully assessing the abstracts and identifying particularly impactful research that was featured in Dr. Goodbear’s Den. Those abstracts that were selected for presentations, had to do so in front of a panel of more than 30 judges! The competition was very difficult, and also fun to highlight those that won an award at the dinner and award’s gala.

The evening gala was the perfect ending to close this year’s conference. The lighting, music and delicious food set the tone to highlight all the nominees and award winners. Over dinner, we introduced a new video that highlights CHRIM’s medical breakthrough’s and scientific discoveries over the year’s. We hope all the trainees watched this and felt inspired for the advancements they will also contribute to child health in their careers! If you haven’t seen the video, watch it here!

Below are some pictures of the presentation speaker’s, gala dinner and awards. Over the coming week’s more pictures will be added from the conference sessions. Check back soon!

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