Team Science: Defining and Achieving Success

CHRIM Scientist, Dr. Meghan Azad, associate professor of pediatrics and child health at the University of Manitoba was the recipient for the 2020 Joe Doupe Young Investigator Award by the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI), an Ottawa-based organization that represents young health-care researchers across Canada.

As part of this award, Dr. Azad submitted an article for the CSCI Journal Clinical and Investigative Medicine. The article entitled, Team Science: Defining and Achieving Success, co-written with Azad lab Program Director, Natalie Rodriguez at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, attribute much of their $14 million research portfolio’s success to their multi-level ‘team science’ approach. Their combined talents include research staff, trainees and collaborators from many disciplines and diverse expertise that is combined with the business astute and scientific expertise of their leadership team.

Check out their 10 Tips for Success in running a successful research program that will result in the highest impact – helping the next generation of children to be healthier!

The full publication includes more information on each of the the tips. Check it out here!