Resources and Activities for a Healthy COVID-19 Summer

Kids are out of school… now what?

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people have juggled additional and sometimes unfamiliar roles while at home, including caregiver, employee, teacher, entertainer, coach, and virtual tour guide.

As the school year officially comes to a close, the “new normal” is again shifting. Families may be looking at opportunities to explore activities outside the home, while continuing to balance safety and health – physical, mental and emotional.

CHRIM researcher Dr. Leslie Roos, a clinical psychologist, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba, is an expert in helping children and families cope with stress.

To combat the stress of being isolated during the pandemic, Dr. Roos along with her Research Assistant, Kathryn Rollins, have put together a resource list of summer activities that are open again for families to enjoy.

Download the summer activities list here.