Science in the Community

The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba was invited to St. John Brebeuf’s Grade 2 class as part of their social studies education. The students are currently learning about communities and its important components, which includes the different occupations that contribute to our society.

We all love science at CHRIM and know the impact our valuable scientists and doctors can have across many communities, so our team was excited to participate!  

Dr. Ayesha Saleem visited the class and presented her research which involves looking at how exercise affects children’s health on a cellular level.  She even brought strawberries and did an experiment with the class to show them how to extract strawberry DNA!

The students were engaged and very enthusiastic to participate – we hope they keep their love of science and can see the impact it has on their community!

Here are a few pictures from our visit:

Do you want to try the experiment too?

Here are the instructions so you can also have some fun extracting strawberry DNA!

During Dr. Jennifer Protudjer’s visit she presented a fun activity book and game that helped teach the students about common food allergies, such as fish and peanuts. The students eagerly participated and shared their thoughts to help their friends and classmates who have food allergies feel safe! They were encouraged to share toys and books, and not food, and also to wash hands and not eat allergen foods around other’s who are allergic.

Thank you for having us, St. John Brebeuf, and thank you Ayesha and Jennifer for making science fun and engaging for our youth!