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ACCORD Seminar Series: Part 2

Is There an Increased Risk of Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine Among Individuals with Known Allergies?


The learning objectives are:

1. Present the risk of allergies among patients  receiving the COVID vaccine
2. Discuss the association between PEG allergy and COVID vaccine allergy
3. Evaluate the main factors associated with vaccine hesitancy
4. Determine the management in patients with suspected allergic reactions to COVID vaccine

This presentation is for healthcare workers only. Please register here to receive the webinar meeting details.

About the Speaker: 

Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, M.Sc.,    Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Specialist, Montreal Children’s Hospital







Dr Ben-Shoshan graduated from The Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv, Israel and completed his fellowship in Pediatric Allergy/Clinical Immunology at Montreal Children’s Hospital in 2009.  Dr Ben-Shoshan has been granted his Msc degree in Epidemiology in McGill in 2011.  In 2011 he was granted the Emerging Clinician Scientist  fellowship award by AllerGen NCE and in 2013 and 2019 the  FRSQ junior 1 and Junior 2 salary awards respectively. In 2017 he has received the F. Estelle R. Simons award for Research by the  CSACI. More recently he has established the first world-wide cohort to assess children with suspected antibiotic allergy through graded challenges for which he received a CIHR grant ,  and together with Dr Bruce Mazer established the first rigorously designed and evaluated program in Canada for milk desensitization and more recently they have established protocols for peanut , tree nut and egg desensitization.  He has established the largest cross- Canada registries that collect data on the diagnosis and management of food allergy, anaphylaxis , drug allergy , anaphylaxis, mast cell disorders and primary immunodeficiencies.  His research has resulted in more than 100 published manuscripts. His work on the diagnostic approach of antibiotic allergy in children has led to a fundamental shift in clinical practice for the diagnosis and management of amoxicillin allergies in children. This study was named a top 10 publications worldwide for Pediatrics in 2016 by the New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch and in 2019  he has been funded by the Canadian Institute of Health research to continue and explore this important topic.In 2021 together Dr Protudjer he had been granted support by

the Doggone Foundation, to a project aiming to overcome  Barriers to COVID-19 Vaccination .Dr Ben-Shoshan is currently a physician in the division of Allergy/ Immunology at Montreal Children’s Hospital and is involved in research initiatives on anaphylaxis, chronic urticaria  and immunodeficiency.

Theme areas: food allergy, oral immunotherapy,  anaphylaxis , drug allergy , chronic urticaria , mast cell disorders, primary immunodeficiency.


Dr Ben-Shoshan a complété sa bourse en allergie pédiatrique / immunologie clinique à l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants en 2009. Dr Ben-Shoshan a obtenu son diplôme de maîtrise en épidémiologie à McGill en 2011. En 2011, il a reçu la bourse de recherche de clinicien-chercheur émergent d’AllerGen NCE et en 2013 et 2019 les bourses salariales FRSQ junior 1 et junior 2 respectivement, et en 2017, la bourse F.Estelle R. Simons pour la recherche par CSACI. Il a établi avec Dr Bruce Mazer le premier programme rigoureusement conçu et évalué au Canada pour la désensibilisation du lait et, plus récemment, ils ont établi des protocoles pour la désensibilisation des arachide, des noix et des œufs. Il a établi les plus grands registres pancanadiens qui recueillent des données sur le diagnostic et la gestion des allergies alimentaires, de l’anaphylaxie, des allergies aux médicaments, de l’anaphylaxie, des maladies de mastocytes et des déficits immunitaires primaires. Ses recherches ont abouti à plus de 100 manuscrits publiés. Ses travaux sur l’approche diagnostique de l’allergie aux antibiotiques chez les enfants ont amené un changement fondamental dans la pratique clinique pour le diagnostic et la prise en charge des allergies à l’amoxicilline chez les enfants. Cette étude a été nommé parmi les 10 meilleures publications mondiales pour la pédiatrie en 2016 par le New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch et en 2019, il a été financé par l’Institut canadien de la santé pour poursuivre et explorer ce sujet important.

Dr Ben-Shoshan est actuellement médecin à la division d’allergie / immunologie de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants et participe à des initiatives de recherche sur l’anaphylaxie, l’urticaire chronique et l’immunodéficience.

Domaines thématiques: allergie alimentaire, immunothérapie orale, anaphylaxie, allergie médicamenteuse, urticaire chronique, des maladies de mastocytes, immunodéficience primaire.



March 21
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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